It is always so lovely to reconnect with friends from Mumbai who are also now back living in the UK. We have decided to meet on a regular-ish basis in Kings Cross and were recommended an Indian restaurant, Dishoom.

Just what the doctor ordered for these ex-Mumbaiker ladies craving a chai! Dishoom is a chain of successful restaurants originating in Covent Garden. Set in a re-used and refurbished warehouse, which used to be the godown of the Great Northern Railway. It now houses a funky warehouse style café, an Art College and Dishoom. Just over the canal from Kings Cross station, a redeveloped area that is a perfect meeting point for friends travelling from different directions around London. Not the red light district it was renowned for years ago…

Dishoom is huge inside and spread on three levels with a funky bar downstairs. The style is definitely Indian but I’m not talking Bollywood style plush pink cushions or red velvet curtains, but a style that Mumbaikers are strangely familiar – FRRO! No, really! Its brass, ceramic tiles, old filing cabinets but luckily the toilets are much nicer.   For those wondering what I am talking about the FRRO is a place where foreigners in Mumbai go to register their visas in their passports on a yearly basis. It is not a nice place to go but you will find that you will spend most of the day there as a whole family, a day off school!  I have previously written about the FRRO here – seems such a long time ago!

My record is 4 masala chais! They taste really good, and dare I say it – better than Mumbai?!

I can highly recommend going for breakfast or lunch, dinner becomes really really busy and you have to book a long time in advance or queue for hours.

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