The Linen Man from Calcutta

I still love my Indian linen! I recently managed to order some more linen from Raju the linen man from Calcutta via a lovely lady called Sarah who is now living in London and stocks Raju’s linen, her website is, some beautiful fabrics.

Tell me…

There are many things expats crave when living in Mumbai, and I’m not talking about tea bags from home, or nice salads from a supermarket, digestive biscuits that are not soft, no. I’m talking about the things you can only get in India. Like the teapot from Goodearth, baggy pants from Fab India (just me?), block printed fabrics from Anohki, beautiful pyjamas and kurtas from Amba Weave, the sale table at Ahilya… and I haven’t even mentioned food.

Flower embroidery

When I first moved here, many long term Mumbai expats told me of “The Linen Man”. Everyone held such high regard for him and his linens; a family business that he now continues after his father no longer makes the trip to Mumbai.

The Linen Man, Raju, shows you beautifully hand-embroidered linens. Bed linen, table linen, table runners, and guest hand towels to name a few of the products.


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