Travelling with Kids

  • Always bring some favourite treats and snacks, biscuits or crackers, dried fruit. For younger children Ella’s Kitchen or similar products are great for babies under 12 months meaning you can feed them on the go.
  • Breastfeeding in India is accepted, however, please be discrete and mindful of people’s customs and religions (which are many in India). You WILL get stared at.
  • Don’t freak out if the car you are in doesn’t have seat belts – this is India, most don’t especially in the back. If seat belts are in the car they may not work… Car seats for children will not be provided. You will need to provide your own but then bear in mind it will be an extra thing(s) to transport around airports etc. Not great if you have 2+ children.
  • Don’t travel with a pushchair – we use a child carrier backpack which is excellent for walking around sights, forts, temples etc. There are many steps, corridors and having the baby/toddler attached to you but also high up is of great benefit, especially with many people wanting to take photos or even touch your children. Streets are generally not pushchair friendly anyway, neither are many of the hotels.
  • Visit sights during the early morning – this is the coolest time of the day but also the quietest with mostly western tourists. Local tourists tend to visit sights in the late afternoon, and usually you will find you and your family being the “sight”. Expect to be pestered by people wanting photographs to be taken with or without them. In today’s unsure world I say NO to any photos being taken of my children if I can help it, although many click away despite your polite(ish) requests. But also think about how you take photos of them, a little give and take required probably!
  • Get your children to create a journal or scrapbook for them to complete during downtime or long car rides.
  • Help your children make a check list of things to see or do at each of the places you visit. This is easy to prepare, take a Lonely Planet or similar guide book, and pick out a few points of interest you think your child may find interesting or would like to spot. This works well for kids from 4+ years, for older children you may include more difficult things or even get them to draw/sketch something they see. See examples on travel blogs.

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