What to Pack

  • Car chargers for your Camera, iPhones, iPads, iTouches and anything else that needs charging!
  • If a long drive then foldable sunshades for the car, light and easy to pack. They sell them a lot at junctions in India.
  • In addition to dry foods for snacks (biscuits, crackers dried fruit etc) take along a few treats for the kids, Lollipops, gummies – its hard travelling for them so give them a treat (not chocolate unless you want a mess!).
  • Pencil case, sketch pads, small books, colouring or puzzle books.
  • Travel cot – if you have a baby, I would suggest investing in a good travel/camping cot, these are small, lightweight (around 2 kg) and you can guarantee your child will sleep instead of relying on the multitude of badly made cots provided which can sometimes be unsafe.
  • Baby/child carrier – Baby Bjorn, Ergo, backpacks are all good options.
  • Hats, sunscreen and comfortable shoes for children is a must.
  • Enough nappies and wipes you need for the trip.

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